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METAL International is a brotherhood of diverse Media, Entertainment, Technology and Arts Leaders, whose passion for personal growth, intellectual challenge and social transformation is enriched by supporting and engaging with other men. We regularly meet in virtual forums throughout the week to share our expertise, insights and wisdom.


METAL Category - Saturday - Light

Weekly Zoom meeting hosted by Ken Rutkowski featuring guest experts and breakout sessions with members.

METAL Category - Engage - Light

Members-only Zoom channel for exploring topics of shared interest with other men.

METAL Category - Activities - Light

Hikes, civic projects and adventures in various locations around the world.

METAL Category - Well-Being - Light

Various weekly Zoom meet-ups focusing on mental health, fitness and relationships.

METAL Category - Connect - Light

Private global social network for members to communicate and share ideas. 

METAL Category - Media - Light

Archive of our presentations, discussions, demonstrations and guest speakers.

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METAL Category - Saturday - Light

Founded in 2005 by Ken Rutkowski, METAL started as a weekend breakfast club for men interested in the convergence of media, entertainment, technology, creative arts and lifestyles.

The word spread and we quickly outgrew our back-of-the-diner beginning to theater-like venues – providing members and their guests a buffet breakfast, presentations by experts and insiders on the memes and themes shaping our lives, and best... the chance to meet other guys doing really cool things.

Shelter-in-place has actually been good for us, Previously,
one had to live in LA or plan travel to participate. Now, members from around the world can easily join METAL Saturdays from the comfort of their home – leveraging the latest capabilities of the Zoom platform to enrich the social
dimension of the meeting.



METAL Category - Engage - Light

METAL Engage is a members-only channel for exploring topics of shared interest with other men. Zoom meet-ups are produced by members with unique domain expertise and scheduled throughout the week. Regular events include:

Deeper Dives
In-depth discussions on a wide range of subjects

Zoom Insight
Key figures within business offering advice

Money Talks with William Quigley
Regular Thursday talk with this financial guru

METAL Category - Activities - Light

METAL Activities consists of hikes, civic projects and adventures in various locations around the world. Regular activities include:

LA Hike
Regular Sunday hike at various LA County locations

New York Brunch
Sunday brunch at Manhattan eateries



Ken Rutkowski

Ken Rutkowski


Ken is a thought leader, networker and influencer across multiple industries. He has been a featured presenter, speaker and moderator at tech/media conferences including Milken Institute, CES, NAB, CTIA, NATPE, Digital Hollywood, Internet World, LA Games Conference, XMediaLab, GadgetFest and Future of Television Conference. He has also spoken at the many of the most prestigious U.S. universities including Loyola, Northwestern, Illinois, MIT, Stanford, UCLA, USC and Berkeley.


Will Henshall

Will Henshall


Will is a 30 year veteran entrepreneur, inventor and best selling songwriter. He founded the UK pop soul band Londonbeat in the early 90s, best known for the huge international hit ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You’, In 1995 he started up San Francisco based Rocket Network, (pro audio networking tools, 5 patents) sold to AVID/Digidesign in 2003, which was the foundational technology for Avid Cloud Collaboration. He founded Focus@Will in 2010, a music for work tool that has 2 million users. He is an experienced personal growth leader, specializing in men’s group work.


Jennifer Sellers

Jennifer Sellers


Jennifer has 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and executive in both the private and public sectors. She is responsible for helping METAL expand globally while maintaining the integrity of a heart centered group of men who are change makers. Jennifer play's a key role in shaping, both the overall vision and day to day operations of METAL. She has served on the board of multiple non-profits and studied Cognitive Psychology at UCLA where she helped launch a social entrepreneurship incubator. 

Member - Sammy

Sammy De La O


Sammy is a FEARLESS entrepreneur in the entertainment industry who recognizes the importance of living fearlessly. Born and raised in Chicago, Sammy graduated with her bachelors in Communications Media & Theater at Northeastern Illinois University. Straight out of college, with no referrals or connections in the entertainment business, Sammy fearlessly traveled to the cities of Los Angeles and New York to become an Assistant Director. Currently, she resides in Bali as a Producer, Assistant Director, Certified Scuba Diver, Speaker, and Coach that shares the message of fearlessness, living the life you want, and how to live your potential as your life unfolds.

Member - Sanyika

Sanyika Street
Membership Advisor


Responsible for the vetting and curation of prospective members as they enter METAL and current members as they navigate the METAL community. “The Firestarter” Street’s is a powerhouse. As a Men’s Performance Coach he teaches high performing men how to create clarity, stop negotiating with themselves, and go ALL IN with his Men's Coaching Program, The All In Method. His goal is to help transform everyday men into Firestarters (Leaders in Business, Families and The World). Sanyika has also created storytelling campaigns with some of the biggest brands in the world including Sony Playstation, FOX Network, The US Department Of Defense, Universal Music Group and INK Global.

Member - SamM

Sam Morris
Foundry Leader and Facilitator


Sam is an enlightened leadership and embodied wisdom executive coach. Through a process of “inner alchemy,” Sam helps his clients transform their greatest challenges and obstacles into wisdom, insights and energetic alignment that can be directly applied to transforming their health, relationships and businesses. Recovering from a spinal cord injury caused by a drunk driver in 1999 gave Sam the experiential education to personally discover the power of will to turn any challenge into a gift for service to humanity. Sam is an accomplished guitar player and expert monoskier and can be periodically found on METAL hikes in his wheelchair.